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Role: Product Designer
Team: 5
Tools: Figma, Figjam, Google Docs
Timeline: 4 Weeks

Background: Melé Skincare is a skincare brand with a mission to promote and protect the beauty of melanin-rich skin

Challenge:  Our client's goal was to build an authentic skincare movement centered on science, self-esteem, and healthy practices, allowing everyone to love the skin they're in

Impact: Enhance melanin-rich skin by effectively displaying the science behind Melé’s brand and authentically showcasing the ingredients


  • Specific Tasks: Conducted market research, created personas, performed usability and A/B testing, and developed wireframes

  • Collaborated: Drafted surveys, discussed usability results, and enhanced mid-fi and high-fi prototypes


User Perspective

  • Users are not familiar with specific ingredients and how it affects Melanin-rich skin

Business Perspective

  • Business needs a way to share melanin-rich skincare expertise effectively that align with their mission and satisfy customers

How might we educate returning customers on the specific effects of products with similar active ingredients on their skin?

Cultivate the confidence of returning users to foster long-term brand loyalty

How might we encourage new customers to explore alternative skincare brands?

Address hyperpigmentation through the introduction of a straightforward skincare regimen

How might we highlight skincare's importance and maintain transparency in ingredient sourcing and formulation for the client?

Deliver dermatologist-validated products supported by robust testing evidence


Web Based Transparency

Main Menu.png
Interactive Digital Menu:
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy
  • Enhanced data collection and analysis

Comprehensive Ingredient List:
  • Transparency regarding potential allergens or irritants

  • Description of ingredients and the benefits they offer

Expand Customer Outreach

Suggested Routine:​
  • Effective product use as recommended by dermatologists

  • Customization for individual skin types and concerns

Rating and Reviews.png
Ratings and Reviews:​
  • Positive reviews build trust and credibility among real customers

  • Informed purchases by providing insights into product performance


Discovering Skincare Concerns

We conducted a survey to gather quantitative data from 17 participants, focusing on skincare education, product selection, and relevant demographics to enhance Melé Skincare's brand.

58.8% used Social Media to learn about skincare

41.2% of users identified as dark brown or black skin tone according to Fitzpatrick Scale

47.1% chose visual as their type of learning modality

Highlighting Melé's Mission

1. Educational Awareness​
  • Informing causes of skincare issues

  • Amplifying the benefits

2. Ingredients and Formulation
  • ​Unveiling product transparency for melanin-rich skin

  • Identifying potential harm or ineffectiveness in the market

3. Authenticity
  • Shaping perceptions of authenticity

  • Diverse perspectives on this concept

Concept: QR Code to Mobile

Creating user flows with storyboards helps view what the user sees and take steps they would take. The user goes to the store, picks up a skincare bottle, and is curious about the ingredients.

Open camera app and scan QR code

Group 376.png

Select item and press confirm to verify

Group 377.png

View details and select buy button

Understanding Barcode Scans

By comprehending competitors' approaches, we can identify opportunities for enhancing its own use of barcode scans, potentially improving its competitive advantage in the market.

Evaluation of hygiene and cosmetic products based on level of risks

images 1 (Traced).png

Overview of the health impact and cleanliness of specific ingredients

Key Takeaways

During our ideation session, we tried our best to think of concerns new customers and returning customers may have. All the questions are based on the research insights and align with Melé mission.


Comprehensive list of key ingredients


Transparent formulation with percentages


Authentic representatives of Melanin rich skin

A/B Testing Prototypes

Q: How likely are you to scan this QR code before purchasing in store?

1. “I’d look up the product before even going to the store to buy”

2. Not likely - Very fine print”

3. “I’ll look for another brand”

Opportunity: Make the print more visible for users

Users were less likely because:

  • Small print

  • Little product reviews


What I learned

Utilizing Consumer Insights for Enhanced Transparency:

In our ongoing quest to provide the highest level of transparency to our valued customers, we have leveraged feedback and persona development to gain profound insights into the diverse needs and expectations of our consumer base. These insights have been instrumental in shaping our approach to enhancing transparency through various tools, including web-based platforms and QR codes.

Tailoring Transparency Initiatives to Diverse Personas:

The invaluable feedback and persona development process have enabled us to create a deeper understanding of our consumers' unique characteristics and motivations. By segmenting our customer base into distinct personas, we can tailor our transparency initiatives to cater to the specific concerns and interests of each group.

Next Steps

Extending Transparency Beyond Packaging:

Our commitment to transparency extends beyond just product packaging. We recognize the importance of disseminating information through various channels to reach our audience effectively. As a result, we will also be including QR codes on our marketing materials, such as pamphlets and PR packages, ensuring that transparency is integrated into every facet of our brand communication.

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