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Role: Project Manager/ Researcher
Team: 8
Tools: Figma, Asana, Notion
Timeline: 5 Months

Background: Life Nailed is a life coaching business by Edina who is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in transitional coaching

Challenge:  Our client’s goal was to inform users about her services and best represent her business

Impact: Highlighted areas of expertise, mission values, and testimonials to encourage new users to connect with Edina’s story and take initiative to book a free consultation


  • Specific Tasks: moderated meetings and set up weekly tasks on Asana with the team lead to help facilitate the team's progress. As research lead, I also drafted the research plan and usability testing plan and highlighted key changes in usability testing results to guide the team with changes for wireframes

  • Collaborated: Synthesized research data to align insights, designed and prototyped mid-fi and high-fi prototypes


User Perspective

  • Users seek support to overcome vulnerability, navigate overwhelming search results, and progress to their next life milestone

Business Perspective

  • The client does not want to introduce pricing or packaging on the website as she is not focused on closing sales

How might we help users be more familiar with the pre-order process and be willing to try a new brand?

Users want to feel comfortable speaking with a coach that can guide them with their passions, career choices, and personal life. want

How might we help the business increase its sales and bring awareness to the brand?

The client wants users to be able to book a consultation (via a contact form) and build a community (by being part of the client’s email list to receive an introductory video)


Connect with Edina’s Story

only carousel.gif
Carousel (About Me)​
  • Highlight areas of expertise

  • Add a mission/ values section

Testimonials (Home)​
  • wants to see reviews before reaching out

  • Representation of her business

Inform Users

consultation short ver.gif
Book Free Consultation (Home)​
  • Does not want to commit to multiple sessions upfront,

  • Not sure what kind of coaching she needs

Work with me .gif
Sign up Form (Services)​
  • For the service the user is interested in


Determining Interest in Coaching Services

By reaching out to a participant pool of potential clients, we were able to find out what leads users to choose work with a specific life coach.

Group 12723.png

61.3% Did not work with a life coach before

Group 12725.png

36% of users were interested in career coaching services

Group 12724.png

46% of users were drawn to service description

Key Takeaways

During our ideation session, we tried our best to think of concerns new clients may have. All the questions are based on the research insights and align with Edina’s mission.


Find a life coach with similar experiences to be vulnerable with


Comfortability reaching out for areas of expertise with certifications


Guidance with finding passions and balancing priorities in life transitions

Usability Testing Results


  • See if people understand how to book a free consultation through the contact form

  • Uncover any usability issues in the process of booking a consultation

  • See what people think of About Page

Screen Shot 2023-04-05 at 11.08 1 (1).png


What I Learned

Team dynamics have been a significant focal point. Observing how team dynamics shift as the team size fluctuates has been enlightening. It's clear that team roles, communication patterns, and collaboration methods evolve in response to these changes.

Maintain close communication with the life coach, ensuring that their needs and expectations are met. Keep them updated on project progress and any adjustments made due to the team size change.

Next Steps

Seek regular feedback from the life coach to gauge their satisfaction with project progress and outcomes. Make adjustments based on their input to align with their expectations.

Maintain comprehensive project documentation, including research findings, project plans, and task assignments. This documentation will help track progress and ensure transparency.

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