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Coverpage Kaltuma.png

Role: UX/UI Designer
Team: 4
Tools: Figma, Canva, Notion
Timeline: 4 Weeks

Background: Kaltuma is a women’s modest ready-to-wear brand

Challenge: Our client’s goal was to increase sales while highlighting the preorder process and development of collection pages.

Impact: Simplified flow of the website to increase potential users’ familiarity with the pre-order process to help increase sales for a new brand


  • Specific Tasks: Conducted UX audit, competitive and comparative research, drafted survey questions, led usability tests and created the usability report, aligned wireframes for prototypes

  • Collaborated: Synthesized research data to align insights, designed mid-fi and high fi prototypes from iterations based on feedback


User Perspective

  • New users need to be reassured it is a reliable brand and may need guidance with the pre-order process

Business Perspective

  • The website requires style consistency, completion of pages, and a stronger emphasis on the pre-order process

How might we help users be more familiar with the pre-order process and be willing to try a new brand?

New clothing brand they can trust that meets their expectations of fit and quality while feeling confident in purchasing a specific pre-order item

How might we help the business increase its sales and bring awareness to the brand?

Business goal: Inform users about its mission and provide a clear explanation of the pre-order process.


Increase user engagement

Breadcrumb Navigation:
  • See the full process, anticipate the next step

  • Navigate backward and forwards depending on the user’s preference

Menu Expansion​​:
  • Saves space, and information in one place using an accordion signaled by a plus sign

  • Option to learn about specific sections

Brand Awareness and Sales

Navigation by Product Type​:
  • Easy for users to find items

Social Media Gallery Interaction​:
  • Examples of people using items from the store (style/size)

  • Reviews of products from business


UX Audit: Identify Current Performance

For our initial observation, we analyzed the existing Kaltuma website, which helped us identify current performance, especially for the navigation and overall website layout.

Noteworthy Highlights:

  • Top navigation displayed by product type

  • Social media gallery interaction

  • Footer navigation provides more links

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 12.49 1.png

Competitive Analysis Focus: Louella by Ibithaj

We decided to conduct a competitive analysis on Louella because it was the closest competitor that sells high-end fashion women’s clothing with the same target age range.

Noteworthy Highlights:

  • Top navigation displayed by product type

  • Social media gallery interaction

  • Footer navigation provides more links

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 1.46 1.png
Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 1.35 1.png

Observing Users' Online Shopping Habits

With the information we gained from our initial audit, we gather quantitative data from 20 survey participants, then interviewed 7 participants to delve deeper into the quantitative data of their online shopping habits.

Group 6.png

60% did not pre-order an outfit before

Group 7.png

50% Longest waited at least a month for their order

Group 8.png

80% were not wiling to buy formal attire without seeing their body type being represented

Understanding Behavioral Trends

  • Influence of social media in finding a new clothing store

  • Fear of complicated and difficult returns

  • Importance of reviews to gain reassurance before buying

  • Look, fit, and quality that matches the users’ expectations

User Journey for Discovery a New Website

The following is a display of the user's experience learning about a new website from social media. Farah has some hesitations about ordering a dress with only a pre-order option despite raving reviews.

Key Takeaways

During our ideation session, we tried our best to think of concerns new customers and returning customers may have. All the questions are based on the research insights and align with Farah's concerns.

social-media 1 1.png

Social Media is influential in the decision to check out a new company

return-box 1 1.png

Returns needs to be easy and the process clear

rating (1) 1 1.png

Reviews are important in the decision to buy

fitting 1 1.png

People want a way to visualize how the clothes will fit


  • Make pre-orders visibly clear throughout the website

  • Simplify navigations to guide users not familiar with the website

Group 8174.png
Group 8169 (2).png
Group 8171.png


Email Subscription List

Users can use the pop-up signup on homepage and collect email addresses from customers and anyone who visits the website
Ex: Mailchimp

Popular Instagram Hashtags

Users can use the pop-up signup on the homepage and collect email addresses from customers and anyone who visits the website





Social Media Management Platforms

Promoting and posting on multiple accounts at the same time will help increase traffic and efficient way to update
Ex: Sprinklr, Cloud Campaign, Hootsuite


What I learned

I learned how to incorporate the client’s style guide and goals and keep in mind that insights were based on research and user feedback. As a team, we kept each other accountable to make the website responsive to a mobile design.

Next Steps

After hearing feedback, adaptions were made to both typography and contrast of different elements. For the 2nd version of the prototype, done individually after the group project, I adjusted the CTA buttons and text, bolded font for emphasis, and added shadows for light backgrounds to provide a better contrast after trial and error.

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